ITCC Innovation Award

Have you or your team created a product, service or initiative that resulted in a positive impact to your company or the IT certification industry? Was it a project that helped improve the customer or test candidate experience or resulted in candidates more accurately being able to demonstrate their skills and abilities? Then it's time to share your story and gain recognition for your leadership. Nominations are now being accepted for the Information Technology Certification Council's (ITCC) Innovation Award.

 Submission Qualifications

  • Implementation of an innovative test, process, or service within the past two years
  • The product, service, or initiative must produce value for one or more stakeholders within the IT certification industry, such as, but not limited to:
    - Increased security of a test
    - Resulted in a new method for evaluating competencies
    - Improved convenience or market access to your certification program
    - Enhanced the respect and demand for certified professionals
  • Open to companies and individuals in the IT certification industry (ITCC membership is not required)

Participants must write a brief abstract of 1,000 words or less responding to each of the questions below. Please consider and carefully address each point. A follow-up presentation and interview will take place if the submission is selected as a finalist. The written submission and contact information should be emailed to

  • Description of the innovation
  • Description of the genesis of the innovation
  • Describe the value or benefits from the innovation to the various stakeholders
  • Provide the measurable results
  • What lessons were learned as a result this innovation

Submission period for 2019 closed.

Read about past and current winners: 

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