Cisco Certification Compliance Videos

Cisco’s exam security compliance videos demonstrate how it’s tackling today’s cheating threat by teaching complaint behavior through the innovative use of rich media.  Rather than expect compliance, Cisco explains what it is and how to achieve it, with positive messaging that connects with IT test takers.  Focused on the “misinformed” candidate, or those who lack a comprehensive understanding of the pertinent issues in their NDA agreement, complex concepts dealing with confidentiality, intellectual property ownership, and company policy are simplified into a series of tutorials for any device, accessible to global audiences – anytime and anywhere.  As a result, candidates retention and behavior may be improved, in a way that also strengthens stakeholder relationships and customer loyalty.

Through watching Cisco's videos, one can gain a strong understanding of the four pillars of certification security: Preparing Honestly, Testing Honestly, Enforcing Honesty and Being Informed.


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