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As part of the ITCC's ongoing mission to educate the IT Certification industry about growing trends in the field of IT Test Security, the ITCC has collaborated with several forward-thinking industry leaders to develop and share whitepapers on a multitude of subjects.

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What's in a Badge?
Badges can be used to represent all types of accomplishments – obtaining a certification, completing a training curriculum, or attending a conference or webinar. So, how do you know what the individual did to earn the badge? It’s very simple: click the badge and see!

Why Get IT Certified? The Value of IT Certification
There’s something about the word “certified” when it precedes a professional title that conveys the consumers and employers a sense of trust, credibility, knowledge and an official “stamp” of approval. This is not a coincidence. IT certification has long been a proven means of differentiation and qualification among professionals in the industry. Employers often include certification as a prerequisite when seeking qualified candidates to fill positions; consumers often trust only those IT professionals who boast credentials proving they have attained a certain level of knowledge.

The Trends that Will Affect the IT Certification Industry by 2020
As a new generation of IT professionals enter the workforce, their presence will ultimately force the IT certification industry to reshape itself to better meet the needs and preferences of the millennial generation, including, but not limited to, the creation of a traceable, sustainable industry-wide badging standard and an eventual shift from multiple choice to performance-based testing models. Furthermore, as a global demand continues to rise, it will become imperative that certification providers strengthen and develop new ways for remote test takers to securely and honestly acquire certifications.

Badging: A White Paper by ITCC

Through this white paper, members of the ITCC will cover the industry trends around open badging benefits, best practices, outcomes, security considerations, pitfalls, and platform technology options. The intention of this paper is to cover the industry trend around the transformation to digital credentialing. It is the hope of the ITCC that after reading this paper, one will not only have a stronger understanding of badging, but the measures that must be in place to both successfully promote and protect a badge’s worth.

Test Takers - Take Note: IT Professional Certification Combats Cheating
Skills within the IT industry are as important as the actual technology. To establish standards and validate skills many IT companies make significant investments in developing and maintaining a professional certification program. Each certification is a valuable asset to both the company and to the IT professionals who ultimately earn the credentials. To protect certification value, IT companies implement practices designed to protect certification tests from compromise and to provide overall test security.

You Think Your Employee is Certified, But Are They Really?
As a manager, are you looking to hire certified IT professionals to perform a specific job? As a reseller, are you certifying your staff to meet vendor reseller requirements to better serve your customer base? If so, you should be aware and informed of the current conditions of test taking in the IT industry. In past years, the IT Certification Council has identified various ways for candidates to achieve certification by unscrupulous means—in other words, by cheating.

Survey on Attitudes Around Cheating & IT Certification
In 2013, ITCC surveyed candidates about their attitudes towards cheating and their perceptions regarding how cheating can impact the value of IT certification. This paper is meant to be a companion to the deck of charts that present the survey's findings.


Recognizing and Protecting the Value of Your IT Certifications
A whitepaper that looks first at the value of achieving certifications, then at what forms of cheating can affect that value (using videos created by Cisco, an ITCC member) and finally what the reader can do to help protect the value of their IT certifications.

Securing Certifications
This original whitepaper,produced by the Securing Certifications Initiative in 2011, identifies audiences for the message, the challenges encompassed in securing certifications and ITCC's role.

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