ISACA Honored as the IT Certification Council 2019 Innovation Award Winner

The ITCC announced ISACA as the winner of their 2019 Innovation Award. ISACA is a nonprofit, global association serving technology audit, assurance, governance and cybersecurity professionals. ISACA was chosen from a competitive field for their submission, “Innovation Name: Using Journey Mapping to Improve and Redesign the Customer Experience”.

ISACA used journey mapping as a holistic approach to provide alignment, build internal capability and to drive clear prioritization of decisions and investments that will have the greatest impact to customer satisfaction and loyalty with ISACA Certifications. The design process included employees from across functional areas, as well as their exam delivery partner PSI.  The journey map continues to be used as a teaching and prioritization tool.



Runner Up: Ericsson - Focused on the introduction of a new item fingerprinting technique, introduction of a new type of “SmartItem™” (Caveon) and implementation and collaborative research of DOMC delivery format, all of which were used to increase exam security, mitigate item theft, and better understand the impact of their use on exam results.

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