About ITCC's TechCertRegistry

The ITCC TechCertRegistry is a web-based application sponsored by participating ITCC members that provides and supports services for IT candidates, credential sponsors (certification vendors), and employers who hire or contract skilled IT professionals.

The ITCC TechCertRegistry application allows IT candidates to:

  • Create a secure account to aggregate their IT certifications into one, convenient record
  • Create a unique ID to use universally with credential sponsors/certification vendors and testing providers
  • Publish an official verified transcript of their IT certifications to employers or other parties
  • Save time, money and frustration

The ITCC TechCertRegistry services support the IT certifications of the participating ITCC credential sponsors and testing providers.

How Does TechCertRegistry Work?

Manage all of your certifications from participating ITCC members using a single account and a single unique ID. All of your qualifying certifications are aggregated into a single, secure portal to present a full credential portfolio to employers and other parties.