Securing Certifications

Securing Certifications is an important initiative of the ITCC. The member companies of the ITCC collaborate on the issues surrounding certification test theft and individual cheating. The issues being addressed are limited to a minority of test takers, but all issues are very important to corporate entities that develop certification exams. It is equally important knowledge for the vast majority of the test takers who are honest and protective of the value of their achieved certifications.

As an ITCC member company—or a company considering joining the ITCC—this initiative brings together the focused skills from the member companies and the individuals that address test security issues on a regular basis. Some of our ongoing projects include:

  • Education on the issues around test theft and cheating
  • Sharing of best practices among member companies on
  • Develop and share white papers on different subject around test security (see our White Paper Library
  • Candidate rights and responsibilities
  • Taking down sites that sell tests and other related Intellectual Property 
  • Identifying and taking actions against certification exam cheaters 
  • Surveys and research on candidate perceptions around cheating
  • A Security Incident Form for individuals to report on any forms of cheating they come across
  • Direct contact to very knowledgeable peers from other IT companies, to brainstorm ideas or gain direction on test security challenges facing our company

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