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Involved in virtually every aspect of business, the role of IT within organizations continues to evolve and expand. When hiring developers, system engineers, help desk and other IT professionals, managers focus their search efforts on three factors — education, experience and certification. Research shows that an overwhelming majority of hiring managers include certification in assessing their IT candidates. It is because of this growing need for knowledgeable IT professionals that ITCC has dedicated itself to promoting the importance of IT certification and the consideration of said certificates throughout the hiring process.

2016 ITCC Employer Survey

The ITCC recently conducted a survey to determine the value employers place on IT certification. The 2016 ITCC Employer Survey results summary shares the role certifications play within the hiring process and how they are used to motivate current employees. 

Download the report to discover the results.

The Certification Difference

  • 70% of IT professionals who earned a new certification or recertified reported improved work effectiveness after achieving their certification
  • 86% of hiring managers factor in certifications when making hiring decisions
  • 83% of IT management reported that they perceived improvements in their staff's work effectiveness after certification.
  • 89% of IT hiring managers said that IT certifications helped confirm subject matter expertise.

For more information on the importance of obtaining certification for career growth, please review our whitepaper, “Why Get IT Certified?”  Also,  visit our document library to access career roadmaps, salary surveys and the latest IT certification research. 

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