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The ITCC is a council of IT industry leaders focused on promoting IT certifications and committed to growing professional certifications, while recognizing the need for a qualified workforce to support the world’s technology needs. The ITCC is a resource for employers, government officials, academia, and individuals seeking information about the many benefits of IT certification. The council establishes industry best practices, markets the value of certification, enhances exam security, and works on other certification issues the Council identifies.

Members of the ITCC include:

ITCC Vision: To be the recognized knowledge authority for IT industry professional certifications.

ITCC Mission: To enhance the collective value of certification for the industry, the employer and the IT professional.

To achieve its mission, the ITCC will:

  • Ensure IT certification leaders are members of the Council
  • Aggregate knowledge and share industry best practices
  • Market the value of certification the research and marketing activities
  • Work on IT certification testing security initiatives and policies
  • Support the growth of professional certifications
  • Develop tools and forums to reduce “pain points” in IT certification
  • Respond to member and industry needs to expand support of IT certifications